About Me

Evangelos Oganesof AKA OE Games

Hello, my name is Evangelos (Vangelis) Oganesof and I was born on the 25 of March in 1997,
I'm a Programmer, Graphic Designer, and Game Developer. I'm self-employed and being making games and apps for Smartphones and PC, I also love design and art. Feel free to try my games and don't forget to leave your feedback.

"What is it like making video games? It feels like you're a tiny god where you create your own tiny universe and bring your imagination to life, you share'em with people around the world to people who struggle to create their own. Is about bringing people to alternative universes where they can experience things they cannot in real life."

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Email: oegamescontact@gmail.com

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If you wanna check more about my designs check here peachy.graphics
If you wanna check more about my game developments check here oe-games.com